Often times, life stories of families are lost when they are gone, only to be dug up by an ancestry search online. Most of us are left with incomplete and errant stories, if any at all. Searches, at best, give superficial demographics and the rest is folklore. Vintage makes personal legacy videos and portfolio for families.

Your legacy tells it all; give your family the gift of your life memories through images, stories, and video records. If you want to ensure that your family has something tangible that they can keep for generations to come, Vintage is your answer.

At Vintage, we value people and believe everyone’s story needs to be told.

Vintage came to me after a pleasant meeting with a friend who was in his 90’s. When I first met this gentleman, I didn’t know what I would do with someone significantly older than me. What could we talk about and what would we do? I decided that I could ask him about his life and all that he has experienced, seen, and done. It was much more than asking, though; working with videos for work, I wondered what he would think if I filmed him telling me about his life. The rest is history; Vintage had begun.

Vintage offers an opportunity to get the story firsthand in a beautifully-made video biography. Our digital storytelling professionals believe that documenting the life of endeared family allows generations of loved ones to remember and discover. For this to happen, it is imperative that stories, values, and history are documented and recorded in a lasting way. Seeing aunts, uncles, parents, grandparents first hand is how all history should be remembered.