1. 4 of the Best Wedding Day Viral Videos

    When you’re getting ready to plan a wedding, there are many things to consider, and what bride doesn’t turn to her Pinterest board or wedding magazines to get ideas from those that have gone before her? In addition to Pinterest and your favorite wedding magazine, YouTube and the many wedding viral videos that are online are a great source for inspiration, and not to mention a few laughs. Let t…Read More

  2. 5 Common Mistakes that Most Make on Their Wedding Day

    When you’re planning your wedding, it’s easy for things to get out of control and for many details to go from being small things to time consuming large things. Planning a wedding is exceptionally difficult to tackle and it’s not an easy task. Because of this, many couples find themselves making mistakes that can really impact their wonderful wedding day. From the venue to the food, to the g…Read More

  3. Bringing Cinematography Techniques to Your Wedding

    When we think about cinematography, most people immediately think of Hollywood. This is no real surprise as people’s experience surrounding cinematography is typically pretty isolated to the most recent summer Blockbuster or the movie they watched last night at home for date night. Cinematography is all the different camera elements and techniques that are used in order to make a movie, or in ou…Read More

  4. How to Help Prepare Your Videographer for Your Wedding

    Wedding videography and photography are arts that take a lot of physical endurance for the shooters and a lot of advanced planning in order to execute final products perfectly. It’s a tough job that isn’t for everyone, however it’s exceptionally rewarding to provide clients with footage from their very special day. Because a wedding only happens once, you want everything to go smoothly. This…Read More

  5. Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Day Videography

    Making sure your wedding day goes smoothly is the number one thing any couple wants. Having all the pieces come together for a beautiful, enjoyable, and memorable day can often seem complicated, but when you pick the right vendors, you can trust that they will do everything in their power for you to have the wedding of your dreams. Here at Vintage Documentaries we do everything we can to provide y…Read More

  6. How to Pick Your Wedding Videographer

    When you start planning your wedding, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the different aspects and details that have to be managed. From booking the venue to finding the perfect invitations, there are many things that need to be done. This list often includes booking wedding videography for your special day. While a photographer can do quite a bit, there is nothing that quite compares to hav…Read More

  7. Are Millennials Really Only Focused on Themselves or Does Family History Matter?

    It’s covered in news articles regularly and plastered all over the internet: Millennials are selfish and self-absorbed. The question becomes, why would anyone want to do a family documentary if those stories aren’t passed down, treasured, and appreciated? We’re here to tell you that the perception of Millennials is substantially wrong and we’re going to prove it. We’re going to prove tha…Read More

  8. How to Choose What Stories You Want to Share

    You may have thought about working with Vintage Documentaries before, but perhaps you thought you don’t have a story to tell. Everyone has a story to tell. It can just be difficult to figure out what story to tell and how. There are many ways to go about choosing a particular story from you life that you want to share through digital storytelling. It may not be a simple process but if you consid…Read More

  9. The Power of the Spoken Word in Visual Storytelling

    Some individuals may tell you that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in many respects it is. But the power of the spoken word and the art of visual storytelling can help to provide a deeper connection and more powerful purpose behind any story. Everyone has a story to tell, whether it’s an event that was extremely significant in your life to being able to share important family history th…Read More

  10. 5 Benefits of Digital Photography

    Family photos are more than the scheduled portraits taken in a photographer’s studio. It’s the little moments captured with the click of a shutter. Anytime you capture a moment, you’re documenting your family’s history, preserving memories, and giving them the option to share those memories with future generations. Now that photography has moved to the digital realm, it’s even easier to …Read More