Your Portfolio

Everyone’s story deserves to be told and remembered. Portfolio is your opportunity to create your own video biography. Through a series of images, we will create a portfolio, combining your favorite memories with the stories you want to share with those that you love.

Your life is valuable. It extends beyond to the next generation.

You have left a mark and have a bold heritage. Give your family a record of your life and your values; give them a story and a legacy. Record and document what is most important so it is never forgotten. With our Portfolio videos, you can give your family the benefit of passing your legacy down the line of generations to follow in your steps. Keep your family name sacred and give your children and your children’s children stories that can be told forever. Provide a physical portfolio to carry your story throughout history

Instead of making generations down the line search for your family history, allow them to watch it and have the story they are looking for in a convenient, easy-to-find place. Ancestry searching can be a timely process that yields little to no information, and at a costly amount. Vintage allows for you to document what you want your family to know, so years from now, the searching and discovering of family history is simple and fun. There is no need to search when you have a legacy video from Vintage. The mark you leave in your family should be remembered and now it can.

Here are some examples of documentaries the visual storytelling experts at Vintage have produced.

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