Premier Documentary

Give your loved ones something that will be truly cherished now and for generations to come.

Vintage Premier is a wonderful package choice. We provide you with the means to record the stories you want others to hear. It is up to you to leave a legacy that you want to be remembered and to give your family a way to see what is important to you. Our vintage premier package is a film package that includes capturing the important moments of your life, presenting the highlights for your family of what you value, and the legacy you want to leave behind.

Vintage Premier is an onsite recording that not only allows you to tell your story but is produced professionally, leaving you with a legacy video that will last for generations to come. With high-quality audio and video, your story can be told in your very own biography video. This shoot is a documentary, a story of your life; in a fun setting with friendly people and a professional crew, we will help you open up and relax while you tell us the story of you.

No matter where you are, our visual storytelling experts will come to you and record an interview, having you tell us stories, memories, and the things that have made you what you are today. We go where you go and have been; we make it possible for your family to digitally go with you as well. Your family deserves to know the history of your life, and now, you have the opportunity to provide that.

Pricing depends on your location, sites visited, special music chosen, and creative work required. For a bid on your Vintage Premier package, contact us today. We look forward to recording your life story.

For a bid, contact us today.